Intel Modular Server System Targets SMBs / SMEs

leveland, OH (March 30, 2012) - The Go2IT Group, a world-class Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) located in Westlake, OH offering managed IT services in the northeast, has unveiled a new modular blade server built on the Intel® multi-flex technology platform targeting the small and mid-sized business.

"Technology advancements in server virtualization and server technology in general have leveled the playing field for SMBs / SMEs extensively" explains Eric Lundberg, Information Technology Director for The Go2IT Group. "Allowing the small and mid-sized business to aggressively compete in today's marketplace against much larger organizations is critical to success and future business growth. This all-in-one Intel® Modular Server solution does just that." states Eric Lundberg.

"Intel® has provided the hardware platform and The Go2IT Group provides the specialized virtualization knowledge to efficiently and effectively deploy these virtualized solutions across smaller organizations where performance is a necessity but budgets are typically much less" explains Eric Lundberg. "Offering a complete, integrated solution that includes up to six high density compute modules supporting up to two Intel Xeon processors 5500 series and 192GB of DDR3 system memory, the Intel® Modular Server offers plenty of computing power for today's applications and allows us to deliver not only server virtualization but desktop virtualization as well."

"Technology advancements in server virtualization and server technology in general have leveled the playing field for the small and mid-sized business segment, allowing them to aggressively compete in today's marketplace against much larger organizations."

In addition to the high-level of computing power capable within this system, a full Storage Area Network (SAN) managed by optionally redundant storage controllers extends the flexibility through the use of this SAN fabric by allowing maximum storage capacity and scalability. Fourteen 2.5" SAS drives along with the new Intel X25-E Solid State Drive support extends disk performance and eliminates bottlenecks. Dual Gb Ethernet switches offer ten, 1GbE uplinks per module. Each of the six compute modules integrate a 10GbE backplane for extensive bandwidth allowance.

Management of the Intel® Modular Server is a breeze. The Intel® Management Module provides a virtual presence GUI for managing the entire system. It allows for both in-band and out-of-band management of the compute modules, storage, and ethernet switch. Remote management including virtual presence allows you to see the configuration and entire system health remotely.

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