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ebsite design and the image it portrays is more critical today than ever before. Generally speaking, your website is oftentimes the very first thing potential customers see about your business or organization and it has less than 5 seconds to make that initial first impression.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Twitter, Facebook and Social Media all the rage these days, most of the attention is focused on driving visitor traffic. The number of website visitors your site can generate rather than the experience site visitors receive once they arrive has taken center stage. How does your site rate? The answers you provide to these six critical questions are key:

6 Critical Questions

  • What initial impression does your website portray about your business / organization?
  • When site visitors arrive at your website, are they engaged?
  • Is the website user friendly?
  • Is the website informative?
  • Does the website contain significant calls-to-action?
  • Does the website convert visitors into sales?

Website Design Process

Quality website design is based on the proper building blocks of site structure and design architecture. These key principles not only determine the look, feel, and user friendliness of the website, but ultimately the correct calls-to-action that assist in converting website visitors into sales. A profound user-centric approach is fundamental for how website visitors are engaged.

The Go2IT Group uses the following steps to lay the foundation for a quality, professional website that attracts visitors and promotes sales:

  • Website Design Questionnaire
  • Website Design Research
  • Website Design Strategy / Planning
  • Interface Theme Design and Skinning
  • Website Coding
  • Testing / Quality Assurance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • The Reveal

Web Design Package Offerings

The Go2IT Group is a full service website design company located in Northeast Ohio just outside of Cleveland that employs full-time web designers, website developers and marketing professionals. Affordable, professionally designed websites are available from The Go2IT Group in varying degrees of creativity, features and customization. These include:

  • Stunning One-of-a-Kind Websites - Designed exclusively to fit your business or brand, this one-off design provides 100% website design flexibility, array of optional features and total customization.
  • Extraordinary Pre-Packaged Templated Websites - Templated website designs created by our team of in-house professionals are packaged solutions but still offer plenty of customization and branding flexibility.

Website Design

Make a Statement with a Website Designed by The Go2IT Group

The Go2IT Group focuses attention on providing extremely polished, highly professional and W3C compliant website designs based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 website standards. Website designs provided by The Go2IT Group are very light, open, consistent, and meant to be hassle-free. Cross-browser compatibility using semantic markup means websites will display consistently in the latest browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Informative, simple and intuitive designs are built around flexibility and ease of use for a browsing experience like no other.

The new Go2IT Group website is a testament to these best practices and design principles. Our accomodating design is a prime example of the quality, features, technology and overall professionalism achieved through proper design.

Best Practices and Standard Design Features

The Go2IT Group specializes in high quality, professionally polished web design with a forward thinking mentality and out-of-the-box innovation. Using the latest technology, our team of hard-working and knowledgeable experts will provide the appropriate platform on which to design and market your online identity. Not only will these websites look incredible and offer a wonderful browsing experience but they are designed from the ground up with Search Engine Best Practices in mind. With many design packages available and a plethora of options from which to choose, all website designs include the following:

Search Engine Best Practices Website Design Best Practices / Features
Search Engine Optimized Site Architecture W3C Compliant Code (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP)
Search Engine Optimized Directory Heirarchy Cufon / Google Fonts
Search Engine Optimized Page Title Tags Integrated Google Analytics
SERP Optimized Page Description Tags HTML, XML and Image Sitemaps
SEO Optimized User Friendly Navigation Robots.txt Inclusion
Search Engine Optimized URL Structure Contact Submission Form
SEO Optimized User Friendly Navigation Custom 404 Page
Search Engine Optimized Page Content Optional Social Media Integration
Search Engine Optimized Anchor Text Optional Social Media Bookmarking
Search Engine Optimized Footers Sales Funnel Call-to-Action
SEO Optimized Graphics with Alt Image Tagging Optional Blog
Google Verified Meta Tag Optional Hosting

With our committment to design excellence, site structure and foundation built around W3C best practices and Search Engine Optimized code included standard in all packages, The Go2IT Group is the Premier choice for an affordable online web presence. Schedule your Free Analysis and Design Discussion Today!

First Impressions - Website Design is Key

Recent research from the Missouri University of Science and Technology determined it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form their first impression. The research also revealed that it takes about 2.6 seconds for a user's eyes to land on the area of the website that most influences that first impression. “We know first impressions are very important,” says Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor of business and information technology at Missouri S&T. “As more people use the Internet to search for information, a user's first impressions of a website can determine whether that user forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization.”

Researchers conducting the website design study used specialized eye-tracking software connected to an infrared camera. During the study, researchers monitored students' eye movements as they scanned web pages. Upon completion of the study, the researchers then analyzed the eye-tracking data to determine how long it took for the students to focus on specific areas of a page before moving to another section.

After viewing each website, subjects were asked to provide ratings based on aesthetics, visual appeal and other design factors. Researchers were able to determine what sections attracted the most interest from site viewers. The logo, main navigational menu, social networking links, websites main imagery, content and the websites footers drew the most attention and interest.


If your company website looks less than stellar visually, is difficult to navigate or has outdated content, visitors will leave almost immediately. The resulting impact is that you end up with a website that does not perform and continues to lose potential revenue opportunities even if you are at or near the top of Search Engines. Your website may generate 1000's of hits per day and be socially dominant on Twitter and Facebook, but if your website doesn't convert these visitors into sales or if these site visitors immediately look for other alternatives due to navigational nightmares or the lack of a professional appearance, what has that website traffic really produced?

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