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Energy Efficient Computing

Energy Efficient Computing

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February 18, 2021 Category: Energy Efficiency, Smart Computing

When it comes to how computers waste energy, most consumption stems from personal habits. This is especially true when it comes to miscellaneous electrical load (MEL). MEL is a phenomenon that occurs when devices and electronics around the home or office burn unnecessary wattage, causing your energy bill to rise. The majority of computers are subject to MEL because they are often plugged in for extended amounts of time.   It’s been said that business owners should consider taking stronger steps to reduce their environmental impact. Switching to energy-efficient equipment and appliances is a smart way to reduce your environmental impact while also reducing your energy costs. You could take even stronger action by using solar power, which can be at a cost upfront but helps you to make enormous savings and will allow you to position yourself as a green company (something that appeals greatly to modern-day consumers.)   If this option is not feasible to your company, there are some other ways (even for your home) to reduce your PC power consumption:   Disconnect your external devices Use a smart strip, especially for computers you cannot turn off Adjust your computer's energy settings Shutdown and unplug your computer when not in use Use a charger only when charging your laptop And should you be in the market for a new PC, choose one that's Energy Star compliant   Most people con

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