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Go2IT offers Break-fix support services

Break-Fix, or the traditional method by which most IT Service Providers have provided technology support assistance in the past is still very prevalent today. This method, also known as time and material or T&M is often referred to as “failed technology, either hardware or software, that requires outside support services/personnel to help restore current functionality or working order of the failed service or device”. Break-Fix generally requires the “supported customer” pay for any hardware repairs that may be required as well as a pre-negotiated labor rates for service.

As businesses rely more and more on emerging technologies, it is now more important than ever to keep your network up and running. When a network fails, it can be felt in numerous ways across an entire organization. The ability to communicate with customers may be hampered or lost as phone services fail and email systems crash. Production may grind to a halt as manufacturing control systems go offline and revenue streams instantly vanish as websites and other order taking systems become unavailable. Each passing moment of downtime represents a missed opportunity and lost revenue. At that moment, nothing is more important than getting your systems back online... enter The Go2IT Group.

Break-Fix IT Support Services from The Go2IT Group - Putting the Pieces Back Together
Every day, The Go2IT Group's teams of IT professionals are dispatched to diagnose and repair client networks. Nobody understands how your business is negatively impacted by network failures better than Go2IT. We work efficiently and swiftly to get your network back online and working for you. The Go2IT Group utilizes state of the art tools to analyze your network infrastructure and examine performance levels of your existing hardware, allowing us to precisely isolate the point of failure. Our ability to respond remotely enhances our service delivery and allows us to resolve many issues within a matter of minutes.Go2IT offers Break-fix support services

Remote diagnostics and repair is a method for troubleshooting software related problems via a remote desktop connection or VPN. Technicians use remote desktop software to allow direct access to a user's desktop or company server via the Internet. With the user's permission, the technician can take control of the user's keyboard and mouse to run diagnostics, review configuration settings or even transfer files directly from The Go2IT Group Network Operations Center. When appropriate, Go2IT engineers are also dispatched to the customer site to deal with more serious issues involving defective or failed hardware when remote connectivity is not a viable option.

Supported Hardware / Network Environments:

The Go2IT Group is proud to partner with these best-of-breed technology providers. Below you will find samples of the specific vendor products we support including:

  • IMB
    • IBM BladeCenter Servers
    • IBM BladeCenter Chassis
    • IBM System X Rack-Mount Servers
    • IBM System X Rack-Mount Servers
    • IBM Power Express Servers
    • IBM Desktops and Laptops
    • IBM Point-of-Sale Systems
    • IBM Storage Appliances both Disk and Tape
  • Dell
    • Dell Vostro Desktops
    • Dell OptiPlex Desktops
    • Dell Precision Desktops
    • Dell Precision Desktops
    • Dell Vostro Laptops
    • Dell OptiPlex Laptops
    • Dell Precision Mobile Workstations
    • Dell XPS Laptops
    • Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge C Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers
    • Dell PowerConnect Ethernet Switches
    • Dell Backup Appliances
    • Dell Networked Storage Appliances
  • HP
    • HP Pavilion Workstations
    • HP Pavilion Laptops
    • HP Envy Laptops
    • HP Mini Netbooks
    • HP ProLiant MicroServer Series Servers
    • HP ProLiant ML Tower Series Servers
    • HP ProLiant DL Rack Series Servers
    • HP BladeSystem Servers
    • HP Tape Storage
    • HP Disk Backup Systems
    • HP ProCurve Ethernet Switches
    • HP Printers
  • Microsoft 
    • Microsoft Windows XP
    • Microsoft Windows 7
    • Microsoft Office Suites
    • Microsoft Small Business Server
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
    • Microsoft Server Virtualization Solutions Featuring Hyper-V
    • Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Solutions VDI
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008
    • Microsoft ForeFront
    • Microsoft System Center
    • Microsoft Lync
  • Brocade
    • Brocade ICX 6430 and ICX 6450 Ethernet Switches
    • Brocade ICX 6610 Ethernet Switches
    • Brocade FCX Series Ethernet Switches
    • Brocade FastIron WS Series Ethernet Switches
    • Brocade FastIron GS Series Ethernet Switches
    • Brocade FastIron LS Series Ethernet Switches
    • Brocade FastIron SX Blade Series Ethenet Switches
    • Brocade BigIron RX Blade Series Ethenet Switches
    • Brocade Mobility Access Points
    • Brocade Mobility Wireless Controllers
  • Cisco
    • Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series Ethernet Switches
    • Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series Ethernet Switches
    • Cisco Catalyst 3700 Series Ethernet Switches
    • Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Ethernet Switches
    • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Blade Series Ethernet Switches
    • Cisco 800 Series Routers
    • Cisco 1900 Series Routers
    • Cisco 2900 Series Routers
    • Cisco Aironet Series Wireless Access Points
  • Intel
    • Intel Workstations
    • Intel Laptops
    • Intel Ultrabooks
    • Intel Ethernet Controllers
    • Intel Pedestal Server Systems
    • Intel Rack Mount Server Systems
    • Intel Blade Servers
    • Intel Server Management
    • Intel RAID Controllers
    • Intel Solid-State Drives
    • Intel Wireless Products
  • Sonicwall
    • Sonicwall TZ Series Firewalls
    • Sonicwall SonicPoint Clean Wireless Access Points
    • Sonicwall NSA Network Security Appliances
    • Sonicwall WXA WAN Acceleration Appliances
    • Sonicwall CDP Continuous Data Protection Appliances
    • Sonicwall Anti-Spam and Email Security Solutions

Break/Fix Support Models:

Times and Materials:

A tried and true, decades long method to get your network up and running as quickly as possible. Upon experiencing a network failure, The Go2IT Group responds remotely (accessing your system via remote means and working to resolve the issue) or is dispatched on-premise via our NOC (Network Operations Center) to diagnose and resolve the issue. Go2IT charges a pre-negotiated hourly rate for this service and the customer is responsible for the cost to replace any defective hardware and/or any other materials needed to effectively correct the system failure.

Block Hours:

An alternative to the traditional “pay as you go” method involves the upfront purchase of a specified number of support hours, often at a discounted price. As an ongoing customer, Go2IT offers guaranteed response times for critical issues. Additionally, customers experience faster problem resolution as we gain a more intimate knowledge and understanding of your IT environment.

Managed Services:

Offering an entirely different approach to IT support, Client Care by The Go2IT Group is an all-inclusive premium IT support solution. By taking a proactive approach to IT support, including preventative maintenance activities and 24 hour network monitoring, we aim to eliminate potential issues before they become real problems. Managed Services Clients are provided with guaranteed Service Level Agreements that specify both “normal” business hour response times as well as “after hours emergency response“ services for those that require maximum 24x7 uptime. Learn more about our complete 24x7x365 help desk on demand Managed Services offering.

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