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SAN Storage Solutions featuring SAN Virtualization from The Go2IT Group - Perfect for VDIServers are the unheralded workhorses in every business; providing the heartbeat and technology lifeline for productivity, resource sharing and company growth. They are also the highest risk of unproductive downtime, system failures and data loss. Losing a router, switch, firewall or other networking hardware can and most likely would have an effect on production but nothing has more of an impact or can be as catastrophic to any business or organization as server failure.
The Go2IT Group has positioned itself as the small and mid-sized technology leader by providing enterprise-class solutions with extensive technology advancements, to the SMB market segment. Unmatched performance, features, scalability, manageability and redundancy have made us pioneers in server and network infrastructure technology across the Northeast. Network architecture and server system design, configuration, implementation and optimization as Intel Gold Technology Partners have allowed us to simplify your infrastructure and position IT as a strategic asset in business growth.


Simplified Servers - Simplify ITIntegrated Server Continuity Suite - Manage, Protect and Simplify IT.

  • Virtual Presence for Immediate System Details
  • Point and Click RAID Management
  • Predictive Failure Detection of System Components
  • Any Point-in-Time Recovery using CDP Technology
  • No Backup Window - Nothing to Schedule
  • Ongoing Continuous Backup Snapshots
  • Application Consistent Restore Points
  • No Hidden Costs or System Recovery Agents
  • Protect Against Hardware / Application Failure - No Data Loss
  • Cold Migration Allows Users to Move VM's
  • Failover between Physical or Virtual Servers


Businesses of all sizes rely on technology to keep competitive, remain productive, and maintain agility. Manageability issues, increased IT costs, limited resources, and technology that quickly becomes outdated have increased the burden of managing IT efficiently and effectively. The Go2IT Group offers relief to these issues with an integrated Server Continuity Suite that enables servers to think for themselves, protect your data and simplify IT. The Intel Server Continuity Suite integrated into all of our server systems intelligently integrates hardware, RAID, and data protection management into one simple-to-use user interface.

Modular Blade Servers - Built On Intel Multi-Flex Technology

The Go2IT Group offers a uniquely different, one-of-a-kind Modular Blade Server Solution ideal for Modular Blade Services companies that need server flexibility and the ability to expand computing power on-the-fly.

Built on Intel Multi-Flex technology, this extremely affordable and flexible solution combines computing (up to 6 compute modules), server virtualization, integrated storage networking (SAN), ethernet switch fabrics and integrated management all within a single 6U, highly redundant, rackmount chassis for a seamless approach to simplifying IT.



Certified Hardware Solutions from The Go2IT Group represent the best technology has to offer, at a price you can easily afford. Our lineup of Intel and Microsoft Certified hardware solutions are geared toward the small and mid-sized business segment but include enterprise-class features, unmatched performance and scalability found in solutions costing 2 to 3 times more.

With a powerful hardware lineup including mid-sized and ultra powerful small form factor workstations, sleek laptops with docking stations, thin clients for desktop virtualization, ultra-thin ultrabooks and lightweight tablet pc's, The Go2IT Group offers turn-key IT solutions supported by a single vendor. Furthermore, extended warranty support with full hardware replacement coverage is available on all Go2IT Group hardware platforms.

Features and Benefits:

Why Hardware from The Go2IT Group?

  • Certified Technology Compatible
  • Cost Effective, Scalable & Redundant
  • Enterprise Features at SMB Prices
  • Hyper-V & vSphere Virtualization Support
  • Single Vendor IT Support Across the Board
  • Extended Warranty Coverage Options
  • Proven Recipes for Success
  • Scalable, Redundant & Flexible
  • Single Management Interface Across Platforms

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