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In the last several months, our country’s businesses have experienced upheavals that they were not necessarily prepared for and the impact will likely continue for some time.  The Go2IT Group made immediate changes for our internal employees in March when Ohio’s schools closed, including having internal employees work remotely from home.  This has allowed for us to stay safe while being able to maintain the same level of support for our clients.

The Go2IT Group is currently working towards returning to normal operating procedure and we will continue to evaluate onsite visit requests on a case by case basis.  We will continue to provide emergency support but will follow the guidelines established by the State of Ohio to protect the health and safety of our staff.

We are still able to assist our Residential Service customers by appointment only.  We have a touchless drop off procedure in place as well as the drop off location being held to the highest of standards by following the State of Ohio’s protocols.

Our Field Services division continues to assign and place technicians across the country for various projects and positions, in accordance with each state’s and customer’s guidelines.  We have seen an increase in requests for service within the last week and believe this will continue.  If you are an experienced computer technician and would like to be contacted for opportunities, please submit your resume for review.

The Go2IT Group is committed to its clients and will continue to provide superior IT services during these unprecedented times.  We will provide updates as our policies change in accordance with the state’s guidelines.

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What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) ?

By Go2ITGroup
July 06, 2020 Category: Disaster Recovery, Risk Assessment, Network Analysis, Network Security

What is a managed services provider (MSP)? Why choose an MSP to support your business? Find out why businesses that partner with Go2IT are more secure, have less down-time and are more productive.

Protect Your Company - Best Practices to Avoid Attacks

By Go2ITGroup
June 23, 2020 Category: , Phishing, Cyber Attacks, Best Practices

There has been a tremendous rise in the number of malicious attacks, including email accounts being compromised, malware attacks, and password hijacking. We are seeing 3 main types of attacks although others are possible as this malicious human interference is always changing. Vendor or Customer email accounts becoming compromised. Once the attacker has access to a users email account, they will send emails to the users clients or contacts requesting changes of bank account payments. These emails will come from legitimate accounts of people and vendors that you know, as the attacker has actually broken into the account and is sending email on behalf of that person. They will usually hide their tracks, so the user doesnt notice. Emails embedded with a link that when clicked, will take you to what looks like a OneDrive, or other Microsoft service, and ask you to fill in your password. They then log these passwords and use it to try to break into your accounts. Again, these may come

Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

By Go2ITGroup
June 16, 2020 Category: Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery, Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities

There is considerable uncertainty in todays world including online hackers and ransomwareto the COVID19 pandemic that is still ongoing. Unfortunately, many SMBs do not realize that it is only a matter of time before their IT infrastructure and data might fail or fall victim to malicious human interference. When that happens, SMBs not only lose revenue, they can also lose customer confidence as their reputation suffers. Additionally, there can be legal ramifications is customer data is stolen. All SMBs needs to have a disaster recovery plan in place prior to experiencing any of these issues. The Go2IT Group can help create a disaster recovery plan for your business using the methods described below. Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis What critical IT assets does your business own whose exposure to loss would be a detriment to business operations? What are the business processes that utilize these assets? What possible threats could affect the ability of those business functions

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