Data Backup and Disaster Recovery-Virtual Tape, Disk, and Cloud

Go2IT Protects your information

Data loss poses a significant threat to businesses who rely on the availability of their data to operate. From customer databases and transaction history to employee records and payroll information, company data is one of the most vital assets a business must work to protect. Unfortunately, data loss is a far too frequent occurrence for most businesses. Studies have shown that nearly half of all small businesses have suffered some form of data loss and the consequences can be devastating. Hard drives will fail and you will lose data. Are you protected?

Types of Data Loss:Go2IT can backup your information and protect it

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Power Surges
  • Natural Disasters
  • Computer / Server Failures
  • Theft / Hacking
  • Accidental Erasure / Deletion
  • Viruses / Spyware / Malware
  • Employee Dishonesty

Next Generation Backup and Recovery

Data Backup options today are aplenty. Traditional tape backup is outdated, antiquated and simply unreliable. Modern data backup and data protection solutions allow users to better manage data archiving, recover data easily, and save money over traditional legacy backup solutions. In order to protect data efficiently and effectively, you need a solution that can adapt by utilizing physical, virtual or cloud technologies.

Next generation data backup and recovery options include Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Support, Disk-Based Backup, Online Cloud Replication, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Data De-duplication. With so many flavors and types from which to choose and the plethora of options available, the right solution depends on your short-term and long-term backup strategy.

Optimized Backup Solutions from The Go2IT Group

Every business is uniquely different but faces the same daily challenges surrounding data backup and disaster recovery. One solution does not fit all and the data protection strategy for Company A may not fit the bill for Company B. The Go2IT Group understands these challenges and has developed solutions to meet these unique challenges while also offering the latest advancements in technology. These solutions include:

  • Reduced Backup Times - Up to 10x faster than traditional backup solutions
  • Better Retention Policies - VTL and B2D reduce backup storage requirements by more than 30%
  • Numerous Replication Options - Integrated data de-duplication with optional online backup replication
  • Virtual Environment Support - Flexible deployment options support virtualized environments
  • Greater Efficiency - Greatly reduces backup windows by only storing unique daily changes
  • Faster, More Reliable Recovery - Faster restore with granular flexibility and disaster recovery


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