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Go2IT offers nationwide supportOver the past 15 years, Go2IT has built an extensive network of over 15,000 technology professionals located throughout the United States with the ability to be dispatched at a moments notice. Our resources are perfectly suited to perform a variety of engagements, including point of sale deployments, equipment roll outs, national break/fix coverage, hardware/software upgrades, troubleshooting and warranty replacement services.

The Go2IT Group is an established expert in managing large and complex deployment projects across multiple locations and multiple states. We can provide a variety of skill sets including Desktop Technicians, Server Technicians, Printer Technicians, Communications Experts and Software Engineers. Below are a few of the key industries we serve.

Key Industries Serviced:Over 15,000 Nationwide Field Service Technicians supporting a wide variety of skill sets including Infrastructure, Virtualization and Web Services

  • Retail Chains
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Government



Go2IT can effectively manage projects of any size directly from the Operations Center at our headquarters in Westlake, OH. Our team of experienced project managers, solution architects, technical resource managers and recruiters will work hand-in-hand with you to develop, plan and execute the strategy and deliverables your project requires. A variety of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are available, including same day and next business day response. We work with you to ensure your business objectives are met and your expectations are exceeded.

By utilizing our NOC (network operations center), 24 hour call center, and online Partner Portal, Go2IT delivers true value-added service to its clients by providing information and updates in real time. We understand how essential the flow of information is to the success of your project. Whether you need status updates, asset information, or accurate customer feedback, Go2IT will deliver!

Go2IT has the experience, resources and expertise to deliver when it counts. The numbers speak for themselves. We've installed:IT Field Service on Demand.

  • 1 Million+ PC's and Laptops
  • 100,000+ Servers
  • 100,000+ IP Phones
  • 50,000+ routers, switches and firewalls
  • For 1,000+ Clients

Recently Completed Projects:

  • Hardware and Software upgrade for national retailer
    • Go2IT successfully completed a comprehensive hardware and software upgrade for one of the nations' leading clothing retail chains. The project included installing new workstations and printers, upgrading store servers and the de-installation of equipment from stores scheduled to be closed. Go2IT serviced over 2500 locations across 48 states and continues to service this client on an ongoing basis.

  • Complete Data Center build formajor financial institution
    • Go2IT successfully completed the installation of a brand new data center from scratch, including over 850 servers, switches, KVM's, PDU's and switch backup devices. Scope of the project included 15 technicians responsible for unpacking the equipment, testing the equipment, configuring the servers, and assigning static IP's to all the servers.

      Additional responsibilities included properly documenting and labeling all servers, power cables, network cables, KVM's, switches, and patch panels.

  • Motherboard replacement project for major metropolitan school district
    • Go2IT technicians were needed to replace over 1,950 motherboards on designated laptops at approximately 200 locations within a major metropolitan school district. Technicians were required to receive replacement parts, verify unit count, verify condition of equipment, remove and replace the motherboard, restart unit to verify successful reboot, repackage old equipment and properly clean service area. Go2IT was required to maintain an on-time arrival and customer satisfaction rate of 97% throughout the duration of the project.

  • Server installations for national television broadcasting station
    • Go2IT provided the installation of a server into an assembled rack at over 200 television broadcasting stations nationwide. This included physical installation of the server into the rack and routing of cables and power cords within the rack to the mounted server. Additional responsibilities included data migration from the legacy server to new server, de-installation of the legacy server, and removing the VELA card from the legacy server and installing into the new server.
  • PC and Laptop installation for Federal Government Agency
    • Go2IT personnel successfully completed the installation of new PC's and laptops along with the corresponding data migration from the legacy unit for 1,224 government employees across 31 states. Go2IT technicians were responsible for contacting agency representatives and scheduling a time for the installation, traveling to government office locations, installing the new PC or laptop onto existing network, complete data migration from legacy unit, record serial numbers and other required data and report to the project manager.
  • ATM software upgrade project
    • Go2IT field engineers successfully upgraded software on approximately 2000 ATM's across 7 southwestern states. All 2000 units were upgraded within a 60 day time frame and Go2IT achieved a 100% success rate.
  • Corporate office relocation for a major financial services firm
    • Go2IT was responsible for the relocation of approximately 600 employee workstations, including PC's, laptops, monitors, printers and other related devices. This project corresponded with the relocation of company headquarters for one of the nations' largest financial services firms.
  • Server and workstation upgrade for leading national hotel chain
    • Go2IT has completed server and workstation upgrades for approximately 2000 sites across 44 states for one of the nations' leading hotel chains. This project involved a server upgrade, back office PC and printer installation, new front desk workstations and the de-installation, packaging and shipment of all legacy equipment.
  • Point of Sale replacement for leading electronics retailer
    • Teams of Go2IT personnel were responsible for installing new Point of Sale systems, credit card terminals, printers and digital signage for one of the country's largest electronics retailers. Teams would arrive at store closing, de-install old equipment, install, configure and test new equipment and have the store fully operational by the store's opening the following morning. Go2IT successfully completed the upgrade for over 2000 store locations across all 50 states.
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