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Located in Northeast Ohio just outside Cleveland, The Go2IT Group is a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) that focuses on 24x7x365 technology support on demand. Client Care by Go2IT presents a unique opportunity for our clients to achieve world class information technology support without the significant cost and challenge of assembling and managing a full time IT department and support staff. In order to compete in today's marketplace, you need a rock-solid and reliable network infrastructure along with a help desk platform that can support your business functions any time, day or night.

Managed IT Services from The Go2IT Group in Cleveland, OH provide strategic IT services guaranteed to improve technology delivery and operational efficiency of your network and employees alike while also proactively monitoring your entire infrastructure for technology related errors or failures.

System downtime for any business is simply not an option. It can and will cost your organization time and money from lost productivity. When your network fails, your business is also in jeopardy of failing. A few simple questions will help you understand your state of technology:

  • How often does your business or organization experience a network outage or failure?
  • How certain am I that our network will perform flawlessly during peak times?
  • How often do users complain about network performance, slowness or sluggishness?
  • Are we protected against viruses and other outside threats?
  • Is our critical data backed up and able to be restored in the event of a crash or system failure?
  • Are we utilizing the latest technology to leverage our company's strengths against that of our competitors?
  • Is my existing IT staff able to adequately support our current environment and respond to catastrophic event
  • Do I focus more on supporting my business then I do running or growing it? Piece-of-mind 24x7x365 network monitoring and IT support

Client Care from The Go2IT Group is a complete Managed Services Solution that utilizes Help Desk on Demand, along with 24x7x365 network monitoring, to deliver world-class IT support and service. Free yourself from the daily IT nightmare and rest comfortably with piece-of-mind knowing your network is constantly monitored and consistently protected.

Functional aspects differ by organization but typical duties performed as part of network management include planning, allocating, coordinating, deploying, and monitoring the resources of a network. Additional control mechanisms include configuration management, fault management, security management, performance management, bandwidth management and help desk support.

Data collection for network management is processed through several methods, including agents installed across the infrastructure, activity / event logs, network sniffers and real user monitoring. In the past, network management consisted mainly of monitoring whether devices were up or down; today, performance management has become a very crucial part of the IT.

Go2IT's key service deliveries include:

  • Locally based Help Desk available for on site and remote support
    • Instant, secure and non-intrusive remote access to your network for responsive, on-demand trouble-shooting via our MSP agent or Live Connect interface.

      Our staff of IT technicians and network engineers are also available for immediate on site support if the situation warrants. A diagnosis typically within 15-30 minutes will tell us which method is required.

  • Automation of all key IT tasks from a centrally located platform
    • When your network is at risk, your organization is at risk. It is a daunting task to keep up with and apply security or software updates within your IT infrastructure, especially if networks span multiple locations, include more than one domain, traverse multiple routers or firewalls, and include remote and home users.

      IT automation from The Go2IT Group enables a pro-active approach to improved business operations and complete customer satisfaction. From Software Inventory to Remote Desktop Management, Go2IT provides the tools, technology and resources that make complete IT automation possible. We like to call it automation on demand.

  • Transition from a traditional break-fix business model to a proactive IT model
    • Traditional IT support services were always reactive in nature. When a system would break, a technician would be dispatched and the unit would be promptly repaired. Managed IT Services from The Go2IT Group are designed to be proactive with systematic inspection, detection, and correction of potential failures before they occur or before they develop major defects. Stream-lined and efficient planned maintenance as well as preventative maintenance methods are performed to prevent faults or system errors from occurring.

      While preventive maintenance is generally considered to be worthwhile and has major advantages in helping attain longer and better performing equipment, failure does happen from time-to-time and is inevitably something that can't always be prevented. The primary goal is to detect these deficiencies and replace worn components before they fail.

  • Deploy solutions that scale as your business grows
    • As the premier Managed IT Service Provider in Ohio, we are the primary driver for technology implementation across your organization and is a role that we take very seriously. Your technology infrastructure must be flexible and scalable. It needs to work equally well for you today and continue to perform tomorrow. As Microsoft Certified Gold Partners and Intel Technology Providers, we base your technology on best practices as outlined by the ITIL (Information Technology Information Library) and MOF (Microsoft Operations Framework) from which to assemble the foundation for business growth.

  • 24x7x365 network monitoring for complete peace-of-mind
    • If you aren't monitoring your environments, how do you know when problems arise before they effect employee production? Technology support without lifting a finger. Sit back, relax and enjoy the freedom that Managed Services from The Go2IT Group can offer. We focus on supporting your business while you focus on running it with 24x7x365 complete and extensive network monitoring.

      Network monitoring samples include file and directory monitoring, log monitoring, workstation monitoring, server monitoring, email monitoring, database monitoring, snmp trap monitoring and so much more.

  • Complete access to our entire team of IT professionals for one low monthly price
    • Give your employees direct access to our award winning support team with our help desk on demand portal where users can open trouble tickets, view the status of these tickets, chat live or call directly with our team of certified network technicians and system engineers.

      Our complete technology team is an extension of your team. We work for you and are here to assist you anytime day or night. Help desk on demand is not only our practice, but our passion.

  • Regular consultative meetings to review technology, strategy and business objectives
    • Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss and review new technology initiatives, strategies, and solutions and how they impact business objectives are part of our MSP platform offering.

      Technology changes and consistently evolves. We want to utilize that technology to your advantage. We leave nothing unturned on our approach to provide exceptional, world-class support and service.

  • Predictable and consistent IT budgeting
    • One low, monthly fixed price that remains consistent ensures a predictable IT budget that never changes. Complete support for one low fee. One support ticket or hundreds of tickets, the price never changes. No hidden fees, no additions, just a simple solution you can depend on.
  • Managed infrastructure, network components, servers and desktops
    • Remote, comprehensive and transparent management of your entire network infrastructure including all routers, switches, firewalls, servers, desktops, and laptops from our central Network Operation Center (NOC) in Cleveland, OH.

  • Efficiently manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of systems through one single interface
    • Through our single pane-of-glass web interface, The Go2IT Group can efficiently manage and proactively monitor networks of all shapes and sizes. Scalable to support tens, hundreds or thousands of network devices through one single interface.

  • Grow your business without adding additional resources and expense
    • The Go2IT Group has the technology resources and knowledge to support organizations of all sizes. Grow your business without the need to add additional IT staff, take on additional payroll or pay for more vacation time and benefits.



Monthly, subscription based Managed IT Services are typically priced on the number of supported devices within your organization. Managed IT Services let your business offload IT operations while we assume ongoing responsibility for networking monitoring, managing and problem resolution of your complete IT infrastructure and all help desk functionality.

Offloading these IT duties lets you concentrate on running your business, with fewer interruptions due to IT related issues. Always in complete control of your network and associated assets, we become an extension of your business and free you from the routine IT related tasks and the headaches associated with information technology. By proactively monitoring and maintaining your systems, The Go2IT Group can help you avoid many technology problems and pitfalls, assist you with new technology strategies and troubleshoot / resolve problems more efficiently.


Features and Benefits:

Flexible, proactive approach that can adapt with your business as your needs evolve; Managed IT Services featuring Client Care from The Go2IT Group offers significant advantages for your business including:

  • Proactive Monitoring of Servers, Workstations, Laptops, & Remote Computers
  • System level monitoring of all Windows Event Logs and Application Logs
  • Patch Management Across all Connected Devices
  • Network Performance Analysis, Utilization Monitoring and SNMP Hardware Traps
  • Infrastructure Operational Efficiency Analysis
  • Complete Service Desk with On Demand Help Desk Portal
  • Online Backup / Disaster Recovery
  • Integrated Endpoint AntiVirus / AntiSpyware Protection
  • 24x7x365 Help Desk Team Access (Remote & On site)
  • Access to Team of Certified Technicians and System Engineers
  • Predictable, Fixed Monthly IT Budget
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting on all Activity

Realted Services and Solutions:

Client Care Managed IT Service from The Go2IT Group is just one of the many technology services and solutions that we offer. Please take a look at the menu on the right hand side for related technology services and solutions offered as well as a few of our highlighted solutions that tie directly into our Managed IT Service.

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