Simplify IT - Replacing Complexity with Efficiency

Go2IT provides simple no hassle IT supportImagine an IT system that can help you make the best use of your resources, manage your data effectively, efficiently manage and support employees and reclaim time. We can show you it's possible. The Go2IT Group can show you how core technologies and optimized desktop solutions from Microsoft can help you simplify IT by replacing complexity with efficiency and performance.

Is IT complexity slowing your business down?

The right technology can help your business boost productivity and compete more effectively. But for many small and midsize businesses, adding technology reactively and haphazardly can lead to a complex infrastructure that is difficult and time consuming to manage and underperforms. By making a few key choices in how you implement your technology and the tools that you use to manage it, you can drastically reduce complexity and reclaim productivity.

Consider the following opportunities to simplify your IT and replace complexity with efficiency.

  • Protect Information - Centralize Critical Business Data for Easy Access and Backup
  • Make People Productive - Seamless Access to Data from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Reduce Maintenance - Minimize Hardware Through Consolidation, Standardization & Virtualization
  • Enhanced Security - Optimized Desktop Provides IT with the Security & Control to Protect the Business
  • Save Considerable Time and Money - Centralized IT Support & Help Desk with Managed IT Services

Productivity today depends on giving people flexible and secure access to their work from virtually anywhere. The Windows® Optimized Desktop enables access for the mobile workforce while also helping enhance security and streamline IT management. With the Windows Optimized Desktop, users can easily log in to their personal settings, programs, and data from any qualifying computer. IT can manage these "virtual desktops" efficiently from a central data center, where sensitive data and applications are easier to protect and control.

Desktop Optimization - Preparing for Desktop Virtualization

Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solutions empower IT to simplify management by unifying IT operations onto a single and centralized infrastructure. It enables instant provisioning of corporate applications and desktops, which gets users up and running sooner. In turn, it equips IT to provide easy access to legacy applications during the migration to Windows 7.

How organizations manage their desktop environment today with so many employees working both locally and remotely is becoming increasingly more difficult. Users expect seamless, reliable, and secure on-demand access to applications and desktops from any location and from a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, thin clients and mobile devices. Many are powered by Windows but some of the most popular run a non-windows OS.

Common IT Struggles - Not So Simplified IT


  • I need a better way to track what's happening with our technology. I spend too much time running from computer to computer.
  • A nasty virus has taken out my laptop, again. To make matters worse, my backup is old and isn't working.
  • I need to add new servers, but we're out of space and my servers are only using portions of their total hard drive capacity. Help!
  • Another set of updates — which computers do I need to install these on again? I hope they don't cause issues, I haven't tested them.
  • The first I know of problems with our systems is usually when one of our staff complains.
  • When the complaining starts, my network is usually really slow and opening files or email takes forever.
  • I keep running out of time to back up our PCs. I really hope nothing goes wrong. We can't afford to lose any of this information.

Explore The Value of Optimized Desktop Infrastructure


Simplified IT - Better for Business
Meeting both IT and end-user needs in today's business environment can be challenging. The Windows® Optimized Desktop solution provided by The Go2IT Group relieves the common tension between end users and IT by providing the mobility and flexibility end users want while preserving the security and control that IT professionals and support teams require. The Windows Optimized Desktop helps organizations transform their desktop infrastructure from a cost center to a business enabler by helping IT make people productive anywhere, manage risks through enhanced security and control, and reduce costs by streamlining PC management.


Desktop Optimization Benefits
Business PCs with Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 can help your organization be more competitive by helping people work and collaborate efficiently — wherever they are — with easier networking and access to files, a simplified approach to everyday tasks, and improved insight and analysis tools; be productive with the most convenient device available to them — PC, browser, or phone — and quickly adapt their tools for use at the office, a customer site, or anywhere else; and confidently share sensitive information with customers in a more secure way while also protecting their work from viruses, malware, and other threats.

Simplified IT:

Solutions to Everyday Business Struggles
Desktop Optimization from The Go2IT Group drastically improves common business pain points associated with IT. At the office, at home or on the go, your life never stops moving. The Go2IT Group gives you smart, simple, timesaving tools to help you keep up. Now you can express ideas, solve problems, connect with people and create amazing results — wherever life takes you.

Simplified IT

  • Improve productivity and mobility - Stay Productive Anywhere
  • Improve sales and customer management - Work and Collaborate Better
  • Control costs and save money - Older PCs have increased maintenance costs and downtime
  • Safeguard Your Work - Enhanced security and backup capabilities to reduce risk and help safeguard your work
  • Protect PC and files from malicious software - Powerful features protect users & systems against security threats
  • Get the most out of your laptop - Windows 7 Professional provides some great features for getting the most out of your laptop
  • Increased Performance - Stay competitive by finding information faster, analyzing data more completely, and collaborating more effectively with text, audio and video media.
  • PC Damage, Loss or Theft - Built in security measures to help protect sensitive business information from loss and theft, plus data and document backup to remote and online storage for safekeeping.
  • Manage your time and communications - Advanced organization, search, and social networking features in Outlook 2010 give you more flexible ways to stay in touch and schedule your day.
  • Extend the value of your older applications - Work with today's and tomorrow's technology while continuing to run many Windows XP business applications with Windows XP Mode
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