Unified Communications - Instant, Real-time Collaboration

Unified Communications with Go2IT Unified Communications is a single, unified communications platform that seamlessly integrates voice, presence awareness, video conferencing and office integration into a simple and consistent interface.

Unified Communications solutions harness the power of software to help streamline communications and collaboration tasks with any time, anywhere access, using tools that integrate seamlessly and are easy to use. People can quickly and easily find the right person and click to communicate from within everyday software applications and business processes.

In the past, organizations typically relied on individual solutions within various communication silos to collaborate effectively. One tool for voice, another application for email and still others for instant messaging and video conferencing. Unified Communications help you break down these individual silos with a highly secure, extensible communications platform. With enterprise telephony (VoIP) and the integration of your telephony and e-mail infrastructures together with unified messaging, you are able to deliver an all-on-one solution encompassing e-mail, voice mail, calendaring, instant messaging, and conferencing solution that is so much more cost effective and easy to use. Better yet, it is all accessible from one single interface.

Breaking Down Silos

 Unified Communications - Find the Right People & Connect Instantly, from Anywhere
As communications technologies have evolved over the years, they have done so independently, in parallel with one another, creating disparate communications silos. These silos have led to redundancies and inefficiencies for both the end user and the network administrator. End users are forced to juggle separate user-names and passwords to access different communications services, while admins must manage redundant communications environments for e-mail, voice mail, telephony, conferencing, and instant messaging.

Unified Communications breaks the silos to reduce costs and communication overload and bring together globally distributed employees, customers, and partners. By integrating e-mail, telephony, instant messaging, voice mail, calendaring, and audio/video/web conferencing, it's easier and more cost-effective than ever to collaborate.

 Unified Communications - Bringing all forms of communications together
Rather than requiring businesses to invest in expensive, redundant infrastructures, unified communications brings all forms of communications together through software to provide more effective collaboration at a lower cost. The Go2IT Group is able to deliver these capabilities using solutions that effectively and cohesively blend the right balance and mixture using the latest from Microsoft technologies and their Unified Communications Solutions Platform. Collaborate Instantly!

Transforming Communications:

  • New Connected Experience
    • Find and communicate with the right person, naturally. With native Active Directory® integration, Lync Server helps users find the right person to connect with, view their presence, and then communicate with them in the most effective way—via voice, video, or sharing an application or PowerPoint. If desired, users can initiate these connections directly from the new Contact Card. With Skill Search powered by SharePoint®, users are also able to search for others based on skills, expertise, and group information.
  • Stay Connected
    • Stay connected from virtually anywhere, with just a standard Internet connection. Microsoft Lync 2010 offers the same rich functionality and security features outside the firewall without requiring a Virtual Private Network VPN) connection, and enables mobile and Web access across leading browsers and platforms.

  • Social Networking
    • Build social connections and stay up to date on colleagues' activities. Lync 2010 encourages closer social connections with a new Activity Feed that shows updates from contacts when they change status note, picture, title, or office location.

  • Integration with Microsoft Office
    • Communicate with context from Microsoft Office applications. Lync Server 2010 works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Office applications for a richer collaborative experience with consistent presence, click-to-call options, and a new Contact Card.

      Office Backstage™ integration. The new Office Backstage view integrates various communication options so users can share documents and presentations via instant messaging (IM), share the application itself, or click to call directly from the application.

  • Integrate with existing PBX systems
    • Lync Server 2010 works with almost any PBX system either through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or qualified gateways, and integrates with qualified third-party SIP Trunking Service Providers.

  • Complete set of enterprise-grade voice features
    • Lync Server 2010 delivers a standalone voice offering to enhance or replace traditional PBX systems, and extends these capabilities outside the office via Internet access without requiring a VPN connection. This includes common calling features such as answer, forward, transfer, hold, divert, release, and park, along with Enhanced 9-1-1 calling for North America, and support for legacy devices and a broader range of IP and USB user devices from partners. The solution is designed to support high availability through Call Admission Control, branch office survivability, and extended options for data resiliency.

  • Enhanced virtual meetings for improved productivity
    • Users can schedule a meeting from Microsoft Outlook® and join through Lync 2010 via the PC, phone, or Web interface. Lync Server 2010 provides a meeting user interface with integrated audio and video that enables participants to share presentations, annotate slides, superimpose text, and use visual pointers for more effective discussions. Additionally, users have the option to create ad hoc meetings, moving from an IM conversation, for example, to a Live Meeting, directly from the Lync interface.

  • Interoperable and Extensible
    • Connect across networks. Lync Server 2010 supports federation with public IM networks such as Windows Live™, AOL, Yahoo!, and, through the XMPP Gateway, Google Talk, allowing workers to use their corporate identities to connect to customers and partners. Lync Server 2010 supports audio and video calls with users on Windows Live Messenger.


Unified Communications (UC) is a new approach to communications methods and solutions that opens up significant new ways to achieve both immediate and sustained cost and resource savings. In the past, communication-based business activities have been highly manual, individualized in separate disjoined communication silos, and prone to delays and workarounds. Now, with UC, these communications steps can be streamlined and software-assisted to reduce costs while also improving results.

Cost-cutting consolidation of previously separate systems and services into one efficient package for text, voice and video conferencing with essentially anywhere accessibility via PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices makes Unified Communications so attractive.


Features & Benefits:

Unified Communications can help you cut costs and better position your business by transforming the way you communicate and collaborate while maximizing your existing communications infrastructure. Businesses can reduce out-of-pocket expenses by reducing travel expenses and conferencing service charges with unified conferencing, and you can cut telephone tolls and cell phone charges with software-powered VoIP. Unified Communications enables you to avoid capital expenditures by optimizing your communications infrastructure, including consolidating messaging, telephony, and voice mail systems and by eliminating disparate systems.

Unified Communications Can Help You:

  • Streamline Communications Between People and Organizations
  • Increase Operational Efficiency and Flexibility
  • Amplify IT Protection and Control to Help Reduce Risk
  • Provide an Interoperable and Extensible Platform Now and for Your Future

Savings Opportunities:

How Much Can Your Business Really Save You Ask? With Unified Communications, businesses can simplify management and maximize budget and resources. You can consolidate costly third-party solutions and avoid capital investments. Here's how it works:

  • Drastically Reduce Travel Expenses - Travel expenses are lowered by replacing in-person meetings with immersive Web and video conferencing.
  • Reduce Telephony and Audio Conferencing Charges - Built-in VoIP and unified conferencing capabilities help lower long-distance charges and audio conferencing minutes.
  • Lower Real Estate and Facility Costs - Replace underutilized video conferencing rooms by extending desktop-based unified conferencing and reduce office space per employee with remote working.
  • Lower Messaging and Voice Mail Costs - Exchange Server 2010 offers a low-cost storage option and allows consolidation of costly third-party solutions like mobility, security, voicemail, and more.
  • Reduce Cost of Communications Systems - Unified Communications does away with the need for expensive PBX, instant messaging, and audio/video/web conferencing systems.

Datasheets / Whitepapers:

Unified Communications Solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Integration of critical business systems like voice, video, email and mobility offer many benefits and advantages to increase profitability while lowering costs. Let The Go2IT Group assist you in planning these requirements. Learn more about Unified Communications and the solution that is best for you.

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