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Hardware Solutions by Go2ITGroup

Go2IT has delivered powerful, reliable and cost effective hardware solutions to hundreds of clients throughout Northeast Ohio.   We have developed a robust distribution network that allows us to source the highest quality equipment from top manufacturers from around the world.  From PC's, laptops, and printers, to servers, storage attached networks, battery backup systems, and advanced wireless networks, we can build, configure and install the hardware your business needs to perform at its best.




Workstation design continues to evolve and there are more options today than ever before.  In addition to cost, there are many factors to consider when choosing a  workstation, including physical size of the unit, operating system, processor, size and type of hard drives, amount of memory, video requirements, peripherals, and mobility needs.  We will help walk you through these choices, ensuring you get the performance that your employees need at the best value for your investment.  



Selecting the proper size and type of servers for your network is a crucial step in optimizing network performance.  Advancements in virtualization, storage, and computing power now give organizations of every size the ability to create a server infrastructure that meets industry standard best practices, while allowing for network & application segregation, reliable disaster recovery, and central control of security procedures through group policy.

Network Infrastructures

Network Infrastructures

Modern IT networks need to be able to accommodate big data, increasing traffic demands, multiple device protocols, and be able to keep pace with the latest technologies, all while maintaining a tight layer of security across the network.  We can help ensure that the backbone of your network can exceed the needs of your organization now, and into the future.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks, once considered a luxury item, are now a critical component of most networks.  When configured properly, wireless networks are now capable of providing throughput for even those most bandwidth intensive applications.  It’s time to take advantage of Active Directory integration, mesh networks, and bridging. Let us help you create a more secure, versatile, and scalable wireless network for your staff and your guests.

Hybrid Networks

There are obvious benefits in moving to the cloud, including increased flexibility for employers, work from anywhere options for mobile users, improved collaboration among employees, and upgraded disaster recovery options.  However, many applications and services are not cloud ready, such as legacy applications, ERP solutions, and authentication services.  Moving data intensive programs to the cloud can often degrade network performance and reduce employee productivity.  We avoid these pitfalls by keeping these programs in house on dedicated hardware, while transferring services such as E-mail and file services to the cloud.  Adopting this hybrid model for your network will allow you to realize  the benefits of the cloud, without suffering performance issues that frustrate so many.

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