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Cloud Services


Cloud solutions refer to services, such as storage, applications, and computing power, delivered over the internet instead of locally on individual devices or servers. They allow businesses to access and utilize these resources on-demand, without the need for upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure. Cloud solutions are essential for businesses in moments where data security and disaster recovery are needed. It allows companies to easily scale their operations, adapt to changing business needs, and improve collaboration among teams working remotely.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital transformation solutions are all about using tech to make things smoother and better for your business. They include adopting digital tools, automating workflows, and using data to make smart decisions. It’s like upgrading your business to work smarter, not harder, and stay ahead in a tech-driven world.

Microsoft 365 Management

Envision Microsoft 365 management as a digital assistant that keeps your business tools running smoothly. It manages your email, documents, and team collaboration all in one place. It’s about making work easier and more efficient, so your team can focus on what matters most—getting things done.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is your supercharged toolbox for business operations. It lets you access data storage, applications, and computing power over the internet, instead of relying solely on local servers. This flexibility and scalability make cloud computing essential for businesses looking to streamline operations, boost productivity, and adapt quickly to market changes.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is your reliable backup plan in the digital world. It ensures that your operations continue seamlessly, even during disruptions or disasters, by leveraging cloud-based data storage and applications. This approach enhances resilience, minimizes downtime, and protects critical data to ensure your business is prepared for any challenges that may come its way.

“Working with Go2IT has been a wonderful experience. I handle most of the problems that are tech related here at Dismas and can say that Go2IT fixes the problem both efficiently and effectively. They quickly diagnose any issue that I may have regarding anything related to our computers, printers, and server. Their team is quick to answer my calls and direct me to the appropriate personnel and provide quotes for new assets. They are a pleasure to have onsite or on the phone. If I have problems while I’m out of the office or after business hours, I can easily get help from one of their techs which are available when we need them. Partnering with Go2IT has been a carefree experience and I can’t recommend them enough! ”
Ethan Kirby Dismas Distribution Services
“I appreciate Go2IT as our IT partner. They take care of our employees’ computer needs directly to allow me to focus on other aspects of my job.  Every experience I have with them is positive, as is the feedback I receive from our staff. Our requests are acknowledged quickly, and issues are often resolved sooner than I expected. They are helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. From minor issues to SharePoint management and HIPAA requirements, they are a valued resource for our organization. ”
Jenn Snider Pregnancy Decision Health Centers
“Go2IT has always been professional, kind, intelligent, responsive, and fun to work with! ”
Colleen Costello Avon Oaks Caring Community

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A robust cybersecurity strategy demonstrates a commitment to data protection and privacy, ensuring long-term sustainability of an organization.

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