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At The Start

In the beginning as an IT staffing company, nestled in the Greater Cleveland area, the Go2IT Group set out on a mission to empower its community. Our core principle was straightforward yet profound: to bridge the gap between local businesses and skilled technicians. This foundation propelled us forward as we set out to tackle the intricate challenges circling the IT industry. Fueled by boundless passion and innovation, our journey began, guided by a commitment to deliver excellence at every turn.

Growth And Expansion

Expanding beyond our hometown, we established a strong presence in leading markets across the United States. Originally known for our expertise in curating and connecting premier technicians, we broadened our scope by collaborating with a diverse network of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and prominent national service providers. As we grew, so did our reputation for excellence, earning the trust of clients and partners alike.

Returning To Our Roots

Despite achieving national success, we strategically decided to refocus on our local roots and transition into managed services to serve the Ohio market. Today, we’re a proud leader in the IT sector, boasting a diverse client portfolio and a dedicated team of skilled professionals committed to delivering success. However, our journey is far from over. As we continue to navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape, we stand firm in upholding our core values and principles that have guided us along the way.

Established in 1995 in Cleveland, Ohio, the Go2IT Group was founded with a clear vision: to redefine the experience of IT talent recruitment for local markets by offering effortless solutions. Rooted in our core values of reliability, customer-centricity, and innovation, we continue to uphold our commitment to delivering unparalleled service to our clients.

We launched our Field Services division, broadening our scope to deliver comprehensive nationwide support. This pivotal expansion enabled us to extend our renowned reputation for delivering first-class support and seamlessly pairing technicians and engineers with clients seeking specialized services on a grander scale.

Recognizing a crucial gap in the industry, we identified the growing demand for around-the-clock support over hourly assistance. Taking proactive steps, we pivoted our focus to becoming a Managed Services Provider to deliver elevated solutions to our clients’ evolving needs. In this transformation, we opted to scale back and refocus on the Ohio market, allowing us to ensure unbeatable support.

We recognized an imminent surge in technical demand and took proactive steps to meet them head-on. In line with our commitment to evolve alongside our clients’ diverse industries, we launched a Hardware division. This initiative allowed us to enhance network capabilities, implement backup and disaster recovery solutions, and ensure operational efficiency.

Having solidified our position as a leading Managed Services Provider in Northeast Ohio, we extended our influence by opening a second office to cater to the IT requirements of Central and Southeast Ohio. To adeptly manage our burgeoning client base, we have assembled a team of IT experts in various domains, guaranteeing our continued ability to surpass our clients’ expectations with exceptional service and support.






Ready To Get Started?

Let’s take the next step together in optimizing your IT infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance security, or scale your business, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to begin your journey toward effortless IT management and growth.