What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) ?

What is a Managed Services Provider?

A managed services provider (MSP) provides management of a company’s IT infrastructure, support for end user’s systems, help desk, security, backups, networking, onsite support and more.  MSPs works behind the scenes monitoring systems remotely to mitigate and resolve issues to provide customers with little to no downtime.  Being proactive and preventing issues before they occur saves time and money.  MSPs handle day to day troubleshooting for end users via easy to use ticketing systems, allowing for more productivity.

Experts in the field: 

  • MSPs like The Go2IT Group have a staff with solid experience in different facets of IT.  This allows companies to engage and utilize their knowledge without investing in employees that would not necessarily be needed on a full-time basis.  Businesses can benefit from having these experts on-demand based on a specific SLA.
  • Because MSPs are solely focused on technology, they can help businesses stay in the know on current trends, recommend important upgrades to security and infrastructure, provide advice on software applications, manage license agreements and help to make decisions that are best suited to a particular business and industry. 

Access to technology:

  • Because MSPs are only focused on technology, they have more and better access to robust software applications, security applications, ticketing systems, monitoring tools and more.  They can implement and tailor these tools for a specific business, essentially acting as an extension of the business by keeping their IT operations running smoothly.

Backups and Disaster Recovery:

  • If customer’s data was breached or lost, the company would endure financial repercussions and customer confidence would be lost.  MSPs are experts when it comes to creating a plan that can prevent such losses.  They can also provide training for employees to mitigate data loss.  Most importantly, they can restore lost data in a timely manner with very little down time.   


  • MSPs stay up to date on new threats, monitor vendor patch release cycles, update antivirus software, and upgrade network security configurations to keep businesses secure from malware, viruses, and hackers. Companies that partner with an MSP will have less attacks and infections which means a reduced downtime and more confidence from customers.


The Go2IT Group has worked with thousands of clients to develop plans that are best suited for their business model.  If you are interested in learning more about our IT services, let us provide a free network evaluation for your business.

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