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5 Ways to Spot If Your Computer Has Been Hacked

5 Ways to Spot If Your Computer Has Been Hacked

Posted By Go2IT Group
April 01, 2024 Category: Cybersecurity, Hacking

5 Ways to Spot If Your Computer Has Been Hacked When you suspect that your computer or network has been compromised, the natural response is often panic. Yet, how you proceed in the wake of a breach can truly determine the outcome, whether it’s a minor setback or a catastrophic event leading to legal repercussions, substantial fines, and severe disruptions to your business operations.   In today’s article, we’ve tapped into the expertise of our cybersecurity professionals to outline the key indicators of a compromised system, as well as provide you with a clear roadmap of the five essential steps to take immediately upon detecting any breach in your network. These proactive measures are vital in mitigating irreversible damage and protecting your digital assets.   Signs of an Issue According to IBM’s latest cybersecurity report, data breaches typically remain undetected and unreported for an astonishing average of 277 days. This seemingly implausible timeframe underscores the stealthy nature of cyber threats. Despite the potential for swift and substantial damage posed by malware, viruses, keylogging, and other malicious agents, many users fail to recognize the telltale signs until irreversible harm has already been inflicted.   Moreover, several primary indicators of a breach often masquerade as symptoms of a sluggish or outdated computer or operating system. Should you encounter any of these red flags, it’s prudent to prom

6 Common Technology Problems Small Business Owners Face

6 Common Technology Problems Small Business Owners Face

Posted By Go2IT Group
March 04, 2024 Category: Small Business, Managed IT, Cybersecurity, Best Practices

6 Common Technology Problems Small Business Owners Face With any business, knowing how to effectively utilize technology can drastically enhance operational efficiency and give your business a competitive advantage. However, small business owners often encounter several technological hurdles that impede productivity and growth. Today, we delve into six prevalent challenges facing small business owners and provide insights on overcoming each of them. 1. Failing to Meet Industry Compliance Requirements Many industries have specific regulatory compliance requirements that define how companies must organize and protect data. Common examples you might be familiar with include HIPAA, which regulates electronic medical data in the healthcare industry; FFIEC, GLB and SEC in the financial services industry; and CMMC for companies that work directly or indirectly with the Department of Defense.   For a small business owner wearing multiple hats, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest compliance requirements, especially if you don’t have an IT or cybersecurity employee on staff. Missing a requirement cannot only lead to hefty fines and legal issues, but it can also incidentally leave you vulnerable to a cyberattack.   The best thing you can do is work with a managed services provider (MSP) that has experience in compliance for your specific industry. While compliance is not exactly the same as cybersecurity, the two overlap, and an experienced provider wi

Cybersecurity Upgrades

Cybersecurity Upgrades

Posted By Go2IT Group
March 04, 2021 Category: Cybersecurity, Computer Upgrades

One of the biggest problems the average small business faces when it comes to cybersecurity is their reliance on consumer-grade technologies in their business networks. With minimal investments of time and money, small businesses can dramatically decrease their odds of being victimized by a cyber-attack. Of course, it's also a good idea to complement these measures with a training program that teaches all employees what threats to watch out for online. That way, both the infrastructure and the workforce will be able to work together to make sure that next year's small business cybersecurity statistics don't look as bad as they have to date. If all stakeholders work together, small businesses don't have to be under such an extreme threat ever again. There are a variety of comprehensive and low-cost business cloud backup solutions that can do the job, and they should remain isolated from things like ransomware attacks if configured the right way. You need to make sure that you have high-quality protection in place against digital threats. As if the pandemic has not caused enough challenges for businesses, it has also led to a sharp increase in cyber attacks, so businesses need to consider their cybersecurity. A few worthwhile upgrades might include: Password managers VPN Firewall Antivirus software / Endpoint Protection Offsite Data Backup In today's complex digital threat landscape, no amount of network-edge security will ever suffice. For t

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